HP wants to be "it" when it comes to IT. Hewlett-Packard provides one of the tech world's most comprehensive portfolios of hardware, software, and services. Its products include PCs, servers, storage devices, printers, and networking equipment. The company's services unit provides IT and business process outsourcing, application development and management, consulting, systems integration, and other technology services. HP's software products include enterprise IT management, information management, business intelligence, and carrier-grade communications applications. The company markets to consumers, businesses, government agencies, and schools in more than 170 countries.

At over 80 locations worldwide, HP Solution Centers offer risk-free environments to develop, test, and validate solutions, so you get faster results, lower costs, and more options.

With increasing pressures to reduce the costs and risks associated with purchasing and deploying new technology, companies are finding it more and more challenging to implement the IT solutions their businesses need. Buying hardware and software sight unseen is just too risky. HP understands that you need proven concepts and technologies, as well as the peace of mind that comes from demonstrating the value proposition of a new solution before it's out of the box. in operation, most customers don't have to travel far to visit one of our centers. However, HP understands the time pressures most IT professionals face. If you prefer, you can tap into some of the centers' resources and expertise remotely. Highbandwidth connections allow your engineers to test and prove solutions remotely on industry-leading HP equipment without the added cost in time and travel expenses.

HP Solution Centers benefits At-a-Glance

Reduced risk: You can cut risk and deliver a functionally sound solution through testing under extensive operational and deployment scenarios and discover your best use of resources and user requirements well before implementation.

Higher-quality implementations: Effective, thorough testing in a real-world environment, using your actual data, delivers high solution quality.

Lower project cost: You can gain all the advantages of a fully realized development and testing site without the investment risk, keeping project costs low.

Faster time to market: A focused, dedicated environment means that project development moves quickly, allowing you to bring projects to market ahead of the competition.

Assistance from industry experts: Each solution center boasts an impressive range of expertise from HP consultants and from third-party solution experts. At the solution centers, HP and our partners can meet to work together to address your needs.

Scope of projects: End to end solutions from desktop to database layer- customers can test the entire solution vs. just components and then extrapolating difference

Consistency and repeatability: A defined, repeatable proof-of-concept process means your project is tested and proven quickly and thoroughly.

Total confidentiality: Rest assured that your data and projects are kept secure from any third party.