BakBone Software is an international storage management software company that develops and globally distributes software solutions to the network storage and open systems markets. BakBone's suite of near-line archival, continuous real-time data replication and backup/restore software provides scalable data protection from the workgroup to the enterprise. BakBone's products are utilized by companies for clients such as Shell, Sony, Bellsouth, Mitsubishi Motors, AT&T, IBM, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Yahoo and Los Alamos Laboratories.

Including availability, retention, and security of data is the foundation of BakBone's solution strategy. A combined suite of data protection solutions allows you to centrally protect and ensure availability of your most critical server and application data, whether it resides in physical, virtual or cloud environments.

BakBone's data protection framework embraces a new model of availability and data retention that is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to integrate and manage using an integrated "building block" approach to help you achieve your data protection objectives, increase business value and reduce risk. This comprehensive suite of heterogeneous technologies is seamlessly managed from a centralized console.

RMS is a flexible, scalable, tailored and comprehensive remote managed service designed to help clients manage their existing server environment. This service gives clients the flexibility to choose
a core monitoring service or full systems management, depending on their business and budgetary requirements. Furthermore, it offers a suite of options covering security management, databases, application monitoring and technical support.
BakBone's IDP framework is made up of a comprehensive set of data protection technologies, including:
NetVault®: Backup
NetVault®: Backup Application Plugin Modules
NetVault®: FASTRecover™
NetVault®: Replicator
NetVault®: SmartDisk
MailMeter Email Archive
MailMeter File Archiver