Flexible approach. Minimal risk.
FLYN takes a unique approach to data center consolidations and migrations. We offer a flexible approach geared to match your specific IT infrastructure needs, whether it's an application-centric approach or an infrastructure-based service.
Enable IT-as-a-Service—deliver cloud services to customers through a multi-tenant unified architecture.

The NetApp dynamic data center solution provides nondisruptive availability of critical business data and repeatable IT infrastructure library (ITIL) processes. That lets you deliver new applications and capabilities in a modular fashion with confidence and get to market over 90% faster 1. Our stepwise approach to IT-as-a-Service has enabled customers around the world to exceed typical key performance indicators (KPIs).

No matter where you are on your journey, NetApp and Authorized Professional Service Partners are available to work with your IT group to rapidly:

Centralize control of IT resources
Move to an integrated architecture with OS and application standards combined with repeatable processes
Consolidate infrastructure onto the standardized environment
Virtualize resources to scale out without degrading performance or investing in additional hardware
Lay the foundation for cloud services by providing a service-oriented infrastructure combined with automation and self-service

The first step in maximizing data center performance is an objective evaluation of your current infrastructure capabilities. The NetApp Fast-Start Workshop provides a guide to transforming your data center and addressing today's needs and future requirements. Take the time to read the NetApp dynamic data center solution brief (PDF) and then talk with your NetApp or Authorized Professional Service Partner representative about enrolling.

Obtain a massively scalable solution—12TB to 20000TB in 5 yearse
Manage rapid data growth without additional staff
Slash activation times by up to 90%
Gain operational and staff efficiencies with simplified, standardized management
Realizing the Dynamic Data Center White Paper
NetApp Dynamic Data Center Solution Brief