Minimize risk. Maximize protection.

Our experienced consultants provide insight into your current security environment and offer prioritized, vendor-independent recommendations and service solutions to achieve a higher level of security. Our unique approach is based on:

Understanding your business goals and applying them to IT and operational vulnerabilities for appropriate prioritization and risk remediation
Creating a custom risk profile for our customers that strikes the appropriate balance between security controls and business goals
Measuring your return on investment with an optimized security environment that combines an environmental view of security encompassing people, process, policy and technology

Flyn can help your clients detect data leakage and fraud before it impacts the bottom line. Our consultants can help implement the necessary controls to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. Symantec starts by assessing the potential points of data leakage and addresses them through a combination of people, processes, and technology, including strong awareness and training to ensure that critical intellectual property stays secure.

Data Security services include the following:

Security Assessment Services
Core Implementation Services
Enterprise Enablement Services
Data Loss Prevention Services
Education Services
Support Services
Symantec Security Solutions Enablement Services Brochure (PDF)
Symantec Security Advisory Services brochure (PDF)
Symantec Information Exposure Assessment (PDF)
Symantec PCI Compliance Readiness Review (PDF)