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IBM Systems x offers advancements in scalability, reliability and performance

Your business is poised to take advantage of the next big opportunity. But is your IT environment ready to help you meet your goals? Or will it hold you back? Smarter systems for a smarter planet mean that when you need to grow your business, you can drive forward. IBM® System x® advancements in performance, scalability, and reliability can help you take your business where you want it to go. At IBM we provide the technology that will help your business innovate and thrive. We make that possible today and have a vision and dedication to continued innovation for tomorrow.

IBM X6 enterprise servers
In organizations in every industry, big data and analytics workloads deliver the actionable insight that enables business leaders to drive faster decision making. You need systems that you can deploy with confidence to run your mission-critical applications, decrease operating costs and support your cloud computing plans.

The IBM System x3850 X6 and IBM System x3950 X6 rack-mount servers featuring exclusive IBM X-Architecture® innovations and Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 families, can help you meet these challenges with revolutionary levels of processor and storage performance, memory capacity and resiliency previously unseen in x86 servers.

IX6 servers are fast, agile and resilient
FAST- Offering extraordinary performance for big data, analytics, cloud computing, database and ERP workloads, X6 servers can provide:
100 percent faster compute performance - accelerating decision-making capabilities while decreasing costs
3 times more memory capacity for increased application/VM performance
50 percent more flash storage capacity by adding IBM eXFlash DIMMs
3 times lower latency for significantly faster database performanc
AGILE - As your business changes and grows, the ability to address evolving data center needs with systems that provide easy to deploy solutions today and flexibility for tomorrow is critical. X6 servers offer long-term flexibility with a modular design that supports processor and memory technology upgrades to the next generation as workload demands change–eliminating “rip and replacement” These capabilities can reduce acquisition costs by up to 28%
RESILLENT - X6 servers can help extend the advantages of cloud computing to mission-critical applications. Self-healing processor, I/O and memory features can improve availability by proactively identifying potential failures and taking action to correct them. New IBM Upward Integration Modules (UIMs) provide unprecedented hardware visibility to the hypervisor for superior system and VM management.