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As data levels grow and backup windows shrink, traditional tape-based backup can't keep pace. To get ahead of business requirements, you need a solution that boosts performance while controlling costs. We can help.

NetApp replicates Snapshot copies to create full point-in-time backup copies on disk. After the first full backup, only new or changed blocks are transferred and stored. This minimizes data transfer over the wire and can reduce disk capacity requirements by 90%. It also enables you to store months even years of backups on disk to reduce or eliminate tape requirements.

NetApp backups can finish in minutes instead of hours or days. And they can achieve 100% success rates. Analyst firm Oliver Wyman has shown that these benefits can combine to reduce overall backup costs up to 63% over traditional tape environments. NetApp Open Systems SnapVault and V-Series open storage controllers extend coverage to open system servers and 3rd party storage.

NetApp disk-to-disk backup: faster backups, faster restores, and lower total cost of backup.

Disk-to-Disk Backup: point-in-time backup copies in native format.
Faster Backup: Reduce backup times from hours or days to minutes.
Smaller Backup Footprint: Reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 90%.
Reduced Tape Usage: Store months or years of backups on disk.
Fast Recovery: Native format enables end-user "browse and restore".
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