Storage Management has never been so powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable! NTP Software is one of the worldwide innovative leaders in the management and control of unstructured data. Their platform-independent products allow you to automatically control the compliance, access, quotas, and lifespan of your stored files. In short, our NTP software services provide you with enterprise-wide, policy-based, real-time control over unstructured data.

QFS enables you to enforce appropriate usage policies set and enforce appropriate usage policies to control how corporate storage resources are used (file blocking, file quotas both soft and hard, automatic notifications, and user self-service file clean up) so that system performance and availability can be preserved for everyone.

Our NTP QFS software enables:
Control thousands of users with one set of policies across all storage platforms, gaining active control of all aspects of a user's interaction with local and shared storage.
Robust and configurable storage management infrastructure fully integrated with LDAP, Notes, Active Directory, and Exchange.
Quotas and file screening function which can block creation, modification or usage of specific file types and setting designated exclusion groups
Live real-time system reporting on the disk and file performance
Relatively easy system to use .
Contains 3 end-user support infrastructures: NTP Software storage system investigator; NTP software storage help site; NTP software QFS e-mail templates.

Data File Auditor provides you real-time, scalable auditing across multiple sites, ensuring data access aligns with business needs. Through policies, data assets are managed throughout the enterprise, while improving data security. The software also compiles user access activity from file system showing granular file use and identifying data owners in real-time.

Our NTP Data File Auditor provides:

Automated alerting and reporting users and sensitive data, this allows you to expose unintended entitlements spot inappropriate use and track unwarranted data access. .
Centralized view and scalability enabling single point of access for tracking users as well as keeping pace with future data growth.
Tracking by users, groups, location and time enforce intellectual property protection and maintain audit trails for future need/investigation
Tracks and monitors every touch with granular, real-time reporting which provides on-demand HIPPA, SOX PCU DSS reports and searchable audit records and reports.
Clear identification of data ownership and file usage patterns, providing understanding of the business context of data and frequently accessed files, shares and directories.
Enables you to gain visibility into how users utilized shares and plan for growth and understand resource utilization
View user and directory audit reports for every file create, open, save and delete.