Flyn plays an important role in providing the best solution and services based on the support agreement signed between Flyn and our Customer.

The details below describe list of Services provide by our Certified System Engineer :-

Flyn authorized system engineer work on-site as needed, becoming an integral part of our team and ensuring the success of your operations while reducing the burden on IT staff. Flyn Premium Services include:
On-Site Event Support
Flyn authorized service engineer will come on-site whenever needed to resolve hardware and software issues. Flyn service engineers work in concert with NetApp Global Support Center personnel to provide the fastest possible problem resolution. Choose from two-hour, four-hour, or next business day response according to your business requirements. For instance, depending on location, you can select two-hour response for business-critical data centers and four-hour response for other busy locations, while next business day response may be appropriate for remote office needs.
Autosupport Monitoring
An automated alert system that sends regular system status to NetApp plus alerts whenever critical system events occur. Flyn抯 System Engineer use information from AutoSupport to proactively respond to and prevent potential problems and to quickly resolve any problems that occur.
Quaterly Storage Availability Audit
Flyn's NetApp professional will come on-site; take a proactive look at your entire NetApp environment; and provide you a report with specific, actionable recommendations to help further ensure data availability, improve management practices, and maximize the return on your investment in NetApp hardware and software.
Consulting Services
Even the best IT staff needs additional help now and then. Let NetApp complement the capabilities of your staff. Flyn consulting services can help plan your next-generation storage system, assist in your next storage hardware deployment, or optimize the storage systems you've already deployed.
System Monitoring
Flyn System Engineer will also provide system monitoring / 揌ealth Check 搒ervices to customers to maintain the operation of Netapp Storage without any interruption.